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Personal style: 5 resolutions for new year

Personal style: 5 resolutions for new year

Remember Bridget Jones’s New Year’s theses: that do I wish to achieve in new year and that to me should be avoided? Before making the own list on 10 pages, consisting of the general and certain wishes which beforehand have not enough the general with reality, it is necessary to concentrate on one area which absolutely and completely depends on you! No, I do not mean area of the relations with a turnaround floor, the printsipny career purposes or far-reaching burning plans. Let’s have a talk about your personal style.

So, what we can change to the best in new year in this area? We represent to your attention of 5 absolutely realistic and realizable plans for 2012.

Carry or emission, or use the clothes for 100 %

Surely, in a case though what lady will be a little (and it is excellent if only a few) вещичек which once were the beloved, the most comfortable, very best. But! If your adored top is washed already off to unrecognizable gray-brown color or a sweater in what you the 1st time kissed, it is a shame to carry even houses in full darkness and loneliness, fiercely get rid of these things. Eventually, not things are important, and memoirs!

On the other hand, if among past fragments you dug out design things of last years in a good condition, remember – out of a season does not mean yet out of style, and, combining similar archeological finds with base things, it is possible to make very interesting vintage image.

Be not afraid to experiment new trends

Nightmare we will leave for inveterate conservatives. You never learn, whether this new fashion if you do not try on it on yourselves will go to you. Every season we are overflowed actually by a wave of new tendencies and if many to you not to liking, any one for certain approaches! Make experiment in 2012 – time during a week/month/season try to change the style at least a little, and if you (or surrounding you) feel discomfort, simply pass to the following object.

Document the style and its development

Even if you are not going to follow in the footsteps of eminent fashion-bloggers and trend setters, try to make usual photo chronicles of own popular preferences. Perhaps, they also do not leave in 10-15 years the separate illustrated edition in a rigid cover, but these archives will promote you to track development of own taste and to analyse separate phases, having drawn parallels between certain events, sensual shocks and style changes.

Hear to lecture about style or work over the theory

Many people have this or that outlook about a fashion and its tendencies, but the few have for this purpose corresponding education or experience. Yes, we look and we study, we can comment, goes or there is no to somebody a chosen style but who can explain efficiently, why? To understand industry subtleties, hear to lecture or accept a role in a seminar connected with a fashion. Many educational institutions of this profile periodically entertain interested public very successful projects, well and fashion-bloggers do not lag behind.

Pay attention to the base accessories allocating you from crowd

Style is not only a suit from Chanel from the last collection or an ultrafashionable bag. You are surrounded by one million personal trifles which can look as inexpressibly stylishly, and the complete antithesis to good taste. Indulge itself with rather charming firm handle, expensive organizer.

Personal style: 5 resolutions for new year
Personal style: 5 resolutions for new year
Personal style: 5 resolutions for new year
Personal style: 5 resolutions for new year